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17th Edition Multi Function Test Meter

With the introduction of Part P of the building Regulations, for the safety of electrical installations in dwellings,
electrical contractors will need to be able to prove themselves ‘competent persons’
in order to self-certify their electrical work.

From 1 st January 2005, all new electrical installations, and additions to existing ones,
will require sign-off by building inspectors, or a certificate from an accredited electrical contractor.
This means that contractors must ensure they are using the right equipment to test against the safety parameters of Part P.

The 9073 multi-function tester from Di-Log
has the facilities to carry out all the required tests, in a cost effective package.

The 9073 is fully compliant with the 16 th Edition (BS 7671) and BS EN 61557
with respect to instrument safety and performance.

The Loop impedance tester incorporates ‘RCD LOC’,
which allows loop testing without tripping out any RCD.
A high test current setting allows for situations where RCD’s are
not present and a direct readout of PSCC is given on the large LCD display.

The 9073 has three insulation measurements
test voltages, at 100, 250 and 500V,
offers phase rotation testing from 100 to 440V,
and a full range of RCD tests, including trip time, trip current and ramp current,
which indicate the actual current required to trip the RCD.
This can be invaluable for establishing the cause of nuisance tripping.

Reboxed with New Calibration Certificate

  • Measurement of loop resistance and prospective short circuit current measurement without tripping the RCD
  • Loop resistance measurement
  • Prospective short circuit measurement
  • RCD measurements (contact, voltage, trip time, trip current - ramp method)
  • Continuity Test
  • Insulation measurement 100, 250, 500V
  • Voltage and frequency measurement
  • Phase rotation Test
  • Integrated memory for approximate 500 measurement values
  • Standard, built in IR RS-232 interface for transferring measurement data to the PC
  • UNITEST software for recording test results is available as an option
  • Auto power off
  • Meet Part P with the 9073
  • Display LCD 3½ digit, 1999 Digits
  • Measurement Ranges/Resolution
  • Voltage 1-440V/1V AC/DC
  • Frequency 10-99,9Hz/0,1Hz
  • Loop Impedance 0,15-199,99./199,9/1999O
  • Prospective Short Circuit Current
  • Loop Resistance (without tripping the RCD)
    0,5-19,99./199,9/1999O 0,01/0,01/1O
  • Prospective Short Circuit Current
    0,50 A-0,5 kA/0,01A-0,1kA
  • Insulation Resistance 0,05-19,99/199,9MO 0,01/0.1MO
  • Test Voltage 100, 250, 500V DC
  • Continuity 0,05-19,9/199,9/1999O 0,01/0,1/1O
  • Test Current >200mA DC
  • RCD-Test Nominal10, 30, 100, 300, 500mA
  • Currents 0,5 x 30mA, 5 x 30mA
  • Time Delayed 100, 300, 500mA
  • Measurement Functions
    Contact Voltage, trip time, Tripping current test with the ramp method
  • Contact Voltage 1-63V
  • Earth Resistance 10-1999O/19,99 KO
  • Tripping Time 1-500 ms/1 ms
  • Tripping Current 40-140%
  • Phase Rotation Input Voltage Range
    100-440V 50/60Hz
  • Data Memory Approximate 500 values
  • Interface IR-RS-232
  • Safety Complying with
    IEC61010, EN61010, DIN VDE 0411/IEC61557, EN61557, DIN VDE 0413
  • Overvoltage Category CAT III 440V against ground


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