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Xtra Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Indicator
Identifies faults other checkers can't!

A revolutionary new socket tester with earth safety test, voltage and wiring checks.

Conventional socket testers have the weakness that they only
tell you if the earth is connected, they don’t tell you how safe it is.

Martindale’s new T-Safe™ Technology gives safe earth loop impedance
checking within carefully selected bands without tripping the RCDs.
  • Non-trip earth loop test.
  • Voltage test.
  • Socket test.
  • T-Safe™ technology.
  • Martindale introduces the EZ150 Eze Check Xtra Earth Loop Impedance Indicator, the quickest and easiest means available of checking that the earth fault loop impedance value is within allowable limits.
  • Unlike other socket testers, which only indicate the presence of an earth, the EZ150 measures the earth loop impedance and clearly shows that its value lies within one of six ranges from 0-1.7 ohms to 200-500 ohms. A value of over 500 ohms will produce a fault indication.
  • Voltage warning.
  • Quick and Easy Earth Loop Impedance Measurement
  • The EZ150 uses Martindale’s unique T-Safe technology to carry out earth loop impedance testing without tripping 30mA RCDs, even the sensitive electronic RCDs that would normally trip before an earth loop impedance measurement can be made.
  • In addition to earth loop impedance indication, the EZ150 carries out all the other tests performed by typical socket testers, including high and low voltage, reversed phase/neutral, reversed phase/earth and missing neutral.
  • The robust, lightweight EZ150 comes with a two year warranty and is a must for the toolbox of anyone involved in the installation or maintenance of 230V socket outlets.
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