EZe Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Indicator (Discontinued)

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EZe Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Indicator0MAREZ2100

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E-Ze TEST Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Indicator
A revolutionary new 16th Edition tester with T-Safe™ non-trip earth loop impedance check.

Test readings scroll through in sequence on the clear, back lit, 32 character display to show socket problems, or high/low voltage conditions. Then the earth loop impedance test result is displayed.
  • The E-Ze Test performs:
  • non-trip earth loop test
  • voltage test
  • socket test
  • Non-trip Earth Loop Tester from Martindale
  • The E-Ze Test EZ2100 from Martindale Electric is a revolutionary new 16th Edition tester, featuring the T-SafeTM non-trip earth (phase earth) loop impedance check, specifically designed for use in real-life situations faced by electricians. The EZ2100 offers reliable earth loop measurements without tripping the circuit breakers, thus offering higher levels of accuracy and safety.
  • Utilising an extremely simple to use design the unit only needs to be plugged in to give a result without the need to select a range or even to switch it on.
  • The EZ2100 carries out voltage tests and socket tests, scrolling through the display in sequence to show socket problems or high/low voltage problems before displaying the earth loop impedance test result. It is supplied complete with carrying case and plug top test lead and runs from the mains so negating the need for batteries.
  • The EZ2100 offers full compliance with BS EN 61010, BS EN 61557 and BS 7671 (16th Edition).


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TM EZ2100

EZe Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Indicator