Unfused Modular Test Lead0SILV.304

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Unfused Modular Test Lead Set
1000v / Cat 111
This universal test lead set comprising of 2 fully
insulated 4mm plug cable assemblies made up of 1.2m of double insulated
silicone cable, one end terminating in a straight 4mm plug the other in a right angled plug.

Which are compatible with all standard full safety instrument sockets.
Also included are two small sharp probes and two large fully insulated crocodile clips.
  • Two silicone leads.
  • Two large crocodile clips.
  • Two probes.
  • LVD compliant.
  • Rated 1000V.
  • Cat III.
  • Pollution Degree 2 for IEC 1010 (BS EN 61010).


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TM L304

Unfused Modular Test Lead