Veritest VR2230 Electricians Tester (Discontinued)

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Veritest VR2230 Electricians TesterMARVR2230

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Veritest VR2230 Electricians Tester
This all in one tester incorporates continuity, insulation resistance, RCD,
earth loop impedance, global earth resistance and phase rotation tests.

This unit is smaller and more compact than other machines on the market,
which makes it very comfortable to use in confined and hazardous areas.
Although supplied in a carry case which allows hands free use,
the unit can also be comfortably held in one hand.

The Veritest is supplied complete with test leads,
a protective carry case and a "quick start" user guide as standard.


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TM VR2230

Veritest VR2230 Electricians Tester