THOR - 2 Phono To 2 Phono 3.0m lead - Discontinued

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THOR - 2 Phono To 2 Phono 3.0m lead026450T

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2 Phono To 2 Phono 3.0m lead
  • Multiple oxygen-free, silver-plated copper conductors
  • Unique connector design finished in mirrored gunmetal with identifying red/white surrounds
  • 6-cut self-cleaning Phono plug keeps socket free from dirt
  • Contacts plated in 24K hard gold
  • Tinned copper and oxygen-free copper braided shielding
  • Conductive PVC inner jacket minimises signal loss
  • PVC outer jacket protects total length of cable with moulded strain relief
  • Ideal for use with amplifiers, VCRs and TVs
  • THOR ten point technology for optimal AV performance
  • Quality Conductors - Manufactured from either Oxygen Free Copper or Pure Copper by Continuous Casting (PCOCC). For optimal signal transmission and minimise any distortion
  • Dielectric Core - Prevents high frequency audio signals being distorted
  • Gold Plated Solid Brass Connectors - Gives maximum contact so you get good signal transfer and protection from interference.
  • Grounded Connectors - Prevents signal contamination from external electronic sources.
  • Multiple Shielding - A mix of braided and solid shielding which keeps any electronic noise away from the interconnect.
  • Silver Solder - Is used extensively - The best solder for signal conduction.
  • Hard-Finished Terminations - For a direct positive connection.
  • PVC Outer Jacket - Surrounds the total length of each Thor AV cable to protect from abrasion, damaged and deterioration.
  • Micro Wind Technology - Ensures consistent internal wire geometry for a precise signal transfer.
  • Hot Soldering Connections - For the strongest mechanical and electrical connection between the cable and the connector.


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