Activ8 Dual Channel Quad Pir with Microwave Detection / Anti Mask50210730320908IR140

Activ8 Dual Channel Quad Pir with Microwave Detection
and Anti Mask Technology
The Activ8 range of internal movement detectors offers a simple,
reliable and cost effective solution to meet the requirements of the majority of installation needs.
With high precision sealed optics as standard,
full microprocessor control and the streamlined low-profile aesthetic design,
your choice of detectors has just been made easier
  • Anti-Mask output identifies potential mask issues with PIR lens
  • Dual technology – PIR and Microwave – in one case
  • 15m x 15m PIR detection range
  • Variable pulse width, PIR and Microwave sensitivity adjustments
  • Individual LED indication for Microwave and PIR detection
  • Pet Immunity as Standard
    Pet immunity option, selectable for up to 15Kg or up to 25Kg (excluding CTN and 360 variants).
  • Quad Element PIRs
    All Activ8 PIRs are Quad (four element) PIR sensors (excluding CTN).
  • Adjustable Pulse Count
    Variable pulse counting to minimise false alarms.
  • Full compliance with EN Standards
    Designed in accordance with EN50130-4:1995 and EN61000-6-3:2001, Class B, Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II to meet all current legislative requirements.
  • Additional White Light Filtration
    Supplied with additional white light filtration which can be fitted if required for harsh environments.
  • Easy Installation
    Knockouts top and bottom and optional dual-purpose ceiling and wall surface-mounted bracket, allows for easy installation.


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Activ8 Dual Channel Quad Pir with Microwave Detection / Anti Mask





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