2.1mm DC Socket c/w Screw Terminal Block - Female5015972112861CNX-DC04

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39 x 14 x 13mm.
Weight: 6.00g
2.1mm DC Socket
c/w Screw Terminal Block - Female
A 2.1mm DC power socket with modular terminals for easy use

Ideal for LED tape installations, CCTV and Guitar effect pedals

An example for CCTV is that power cable is run in a ring throughout the entire CCTV circuit
and then at various points junction boxes are used to break out the power cable to the cameras.
Most cameras are fitted with a short fly lead terminated in an in-line 2.1mm DC Socket.

The TS DC01F can be fitted onto the end of the power cable and plugged directly into the camera thus providing power and also ensuring that the cables are of a nice length with no excess.
Similarly these plugs can be used to shorten pre-made leads
by cutting off unnecessary excess cable and replacing the end with this plug.

In LED lighting applications it allows for the supply lead from the DC driver to be made to the exact length
by using a suitably rated power cable and terminating it at the exact length with the TS DC01F.

These plugs come into their own where you are trying to achieve neatness of cabling
and also where it is easier to pull cable through without ends and then terminate them later.
  • Pin: 2.1mm DC socket.
  • Max. current: 5A.
  • Maximum voltage: 24Vdc.
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2.1mm DC Socket c/w Screw Terminal Block - Female New