GuardCam RF Security Floodlight & Camera - Discontinued

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GuardCam RF
Combined Security Camera Floodlight System
with remote signalling capability
GuardCam RF combines the popular features of GuardCam and AlertCam in a single unit .
All the great features and functionality of the latest GuardCam but with the
ability to send a wireless trigger signal at a distance of up to 40 metres
to either a chime/alarm device ( AlertCam RA ) or remote switching device ( AlertCam RS ) .

GuardCam will still illuminate an intruder ,initiate a video recording and make a verbal warning but can now also warn occupants of outside activity or trigger additional devices such as lighting or sounders up to 1500W

GuardCam RF is individually paired to each receiver device to avoid false triggering of neighbouring units .
Multiple numbers of GuardCam RF can be paired with a single receiver device or several receiver devices can be paired with a single GuardCam RF.

GuardCam RF is supplied with a single AlertCam RA unit in the box !


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GuardCam RF Security Floodlight & Camera