Simple Set Alarm Reader - Discontinued

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Simple Set Alarm ReaderSS/01

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Size - 83 x 116 x 22mm

Weight: - 109g approx

Power Supply: - Nominal 13.8V (from Panel) @ 100mA Maximum

Relay Contacts: - 100mA maximum current capability

Reading Distance: - Nominally 20mm

Size : - 59 x 19mm (Maximum Dimensions)

Weight - 7g approx
Simple Set Alarm Reader
Simple Set Security is a terminology and philosophy adopted by ADE
to address the ever-increasing complexity of security alarm systems.

The Simple Set reader is a neat, compact and stylish product that can be installed
discreetly to blend in with the considered aesthetics of a domestic residence.

The unit obtains power from the local control panel and allows the alarm system to be SET or UNSET
by the single and deliberate presentation of an ergonomically designed Proximity Keyfob -
allowing 100% accuracy in the operation irrespective of the user
  • Inductively Powered - All Keyfob operate without batteries and take their power inductively from the reader, when they are brought into close proximity.
  • Multiple User An onboard Non Volatile Memory (NVM) allows for 8 individually coded Keyfob to be programmed, allowing for multiple user access where needed.
  • No Master Keyfob The system is programmed without the need of a Master Keyfob and allows for complete program flexibility from any user fob, without impairing security of the system.
  • Relay output - This can be used to SET and UNSET compatible control panels via a “Key Switch input”
  • LED indicators The reader contains multiple Programming and zone LED indication to aid programming and exhibit full indication as would be seen on a G3 Control Panel or associated Accenta LED Keypad
  • On Board Piezo Sounder The integral sounder again mimics the sounds as would be seen on a G3 Control Panel or associated Accenta LED Keypad, further it assists the user with tones during keyfob programming.
  • Compatibility The system has full compatibility with all G3 and Accenta panels that have an external Keypad interface for the Accenta LED keypad.
  • Connection The product is connected via the industry standard 6 core wiring to the Keypad bus of the system (All pre G3 products and G3 products below issue 2.0 Software should be configured with the Relay output connected to a zone input configured as a key switch input)
  • Styled enclosures The reader is moulded using flame retardant and UV stabilised ABS material, which has a general wall thickness of 3mm and is based on the same footprint as the Accenta LED keypad, allowing for easy retro fitment.
  • Lifetime warranty The Keyfob is moulded from extremely robust polycarbonate and is offered with a lifetime warranty against electronic failure.


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