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Test Monitor
The TMPROHD is a very useful tool when installing and configuring AHD and analogue CCTV cameras.
It becomes an essential if the camera features OSD (On screen display)
controls in models featuring Sony’s ground-breaking EFFIO-E chipset .

The TMPROHD displays a crisp 3.5” image directly from the camera during installation
and will provide a temporary power source 12vDC 1Amp (sufficient for most cameras).

This tough test monitor which can be hand held or neck secured
is powered by rechargeable lightweight lithium batteries
that provide up to 4 hours continuous use between charges.

Other features include PTZ Control, a handy CAT5 cable checker and colour bar generator for testing monitors.
  • Compatible with both AHD and analogue CCTV cameras
  • Durable design with quality carry case
  • 3.5” LCD low reflection screen
  • 12vDC 1A power output for camera
  • Lithium battery rechargeable (4 hours working time)
  • Integral CAT5 cable checker
  • PTZ camera control and testing


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AHD CCTV Test Monitor