Triton Aspirante 8.5kw Electric Shower - Black Pearl - Discontinued

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Triton Aspirante
8.5kw Black Pearl
With its ultra clean lines and minimalist styling,
Aspirante is more than a shower. It’s a statement. Your statement.
Inspired by one of the world’s most precious materials.
Black Pearl delivers a deep black matt finish delicately flecked with white.
Overall, the look is reminiscent of a pure polished pearl.
  • Pure form and function
    Beauty and simplicity have always gone side by side. Where there are no superfluous parts or overcomplicated features, what you have left is pure and perfect.
  • With its ultra clean lines and minimalist styling, Aspirante is more than a shower. It’s a statement. Your statement.
  • Express yourself
    Whether you’re out to add a cool new touch, or find the inspiration for a whole new interior, Aspirante puts cutting-edge design at the heart of your bathroom.
  • Six stunning finishes. Natural, yet original
    From the polished style of Black Gloss and White Gloss to the natural beauty of Riviera Sand, Aspirante has a finish that complements any bathroom. And with such innovative finish effects never having been seen on an electric shower before – ever – you can be sure you’re giving your room a truly original look and feel.
  • Use it once. Know how it works
    No need to memorise obscure settings and indicators. Aspirante works as beautifully as it looks. One central control does everything you need – from switching on the shower to a perfectly delayed shutdown sequence. If only everything in life was so easy.
  • Pure form. And function
    All too often great design is at the sacrifice of usability. Not with Aspirante. A quick glance at Style and Substance overleaf will tell you that these showers are so much more than a pretty face.
  • Everything you need
    Every Aspirante shower comes complete with a full shower kit: riser rail, adjustable showerhead holder, soap dish, shower hose, and a rub clean showerhead with 5 spray patterns. All you need is within the box.
  • Style and substance
    Aspirante may take shower design to the next level, but it does so without compromising quality or efficiency. Everything, from initial installation to intuitive operation, has been considered, honed and perfected.
  • Simple to use
    Illuminated soft-touch buttons power you up, power you down, and everything in between. Along with a single smooth-action control knob, you’ll see how easy life should be.
  • Site with ease
    Thanks to its discreet design, including more compact overall dimensions,
    Aspirante sits comfortably within any bathroom. That means you’re free to design your interior with confidence.
  • A dream to clean
    Each Aspirante shower comes with a rub-clean chrome-plated showerhead with 5 spray patterns. Along with an easy-to-clean face, keeping your shower in tip-top condition only takes a couple of wipes.
  • Inspired ‘floating’ design
    A more slimline design gives the illusion that your shower isn’t attached to your tiles, but sits floating in front of the wall.
  • 8.5kW and 9.5kW models
    Power, or 20% more power. The choice is all yours.
  • A breeze to install
    A swivel water inlet connection means that Aspirante is compatible with both left or right pipe entry positions. This means that you, or your installer, will find fitting a breeze.
  • The confidence of a two-year guarantee
    As well as offering all the above features and benefits, each Aspirante shower comes complete with Triton’s Outstanding two-year guarantee. You see, nothing has been overlooked.


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Triton Aspirante 8.5kw Electric Shower - Black Pearl