Inscriptions Shower 9.5Kw Stone Tile - Discontinued

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Inscriptions Shower 9.5Kw Stone Tile0INS09TLSARR

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Inscriptions Shower 9.5Kw Stone Tile
Inscriptions allow you to introduce a little designer chic into your bathroom without the price tag.

The range is funky and fresh, sleek and seductive, meaning it couldn't be easier to achieve the look you are after.

This delicately creamy tone of Arran Stone provides a natural focus for your bathroom.
  • Double temperature protection – the outlet sensor activates to reduce the heating power if the temperature gets too hot and the second sensor turns off all the heating power under extreme operating conditions
  • Push button Start/Stop – to select your favourite shower setting every time
  • Rub Clean Showerhead – 5 spray pattern


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