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Triton 9kW Luxury Body Dryer
Treat yourself to a little luxury every day

After your shower or bath there is no more luxurious way to dry yourself than with Triton’s Luxury Body Dryer.
Use the remote control and adjust the heat and power to achieve your ideal setting.
Then simply stand and enjoy the feeling of warm air around you as you effortlessly dry your whole body.
  • Benefits
  • Effortlessly dry your body without keeping damp towels in your bathroom
  • More gentle on your skin than towels and more hygienic too
  • Doubles as a fast, efficient bathroom heater
  • Makes drying the kids (or even pets!) hassle-free and great fun
  • Less laundry and economical to operate – costs as little as 1p per minute to run
  • Reduces moisture in the air, making bathrooms less damp all-round
  • Review from T3 magazine
  • The daddy of blow dryers
  • Get Triton's new Body Dryer and you'll never have to
    (a) wash another towel, or
    (b) dry yourself down ever again.
  • This piece of bathroom gadgetry from Triton is just like a hand dryer, except bigger. A lot bigger. So big, in fact, that it can parch your entire post-shower frame within three minutes. No towel required. All you have to do is position yourself beneath the ceiling-mounted unit. Oh, and press a button on the remote control.
  • The height of luxury laziness, the Body Dryer features an adaptable temperature setting and is suitable for homes with or without an electric shower.


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