Triton Millennium Shower 8.5kW - White/Chrome - Discontinued

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Triton Millennium Shower 8.5kW - White/Chrome0MILL0800

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Height - 413mm
Width - 243mm
Depth - 97mm
Millennium Shower Electric Shower 8.5kW White/Chrome
This state-of-the-art thermostatic electric shower uses revolutionary new technology to provide the most precise temperature control of any electric shower
  • Thermostatic control ensures the temperature does not increase by more than 1°C of the setting
  • Push START/STOP button with phased shutdown
  • 'Power On' indicator
  • Temperature control with a numbered dial for easy temperature selection
  • Adjustable maximum temperature stop - prevents the temperature being accidentally turned up too high
  • Push button flow selector offers: Cold/Low/Medium/High
  • Variable Sprayhead: 3000 Series 3 position
  • Power Rating: 8.5kW
  • Finish: White/Chrome Effect
  • The Triton Millennium's state-of-the-art electronics constantly monitor incoming water temperature, flow and voltage fluctuations, and provide automatic adjustments to maintain the flow rate at a temperature that does not increase by more than 1°C of the setting.

    There is an adjustable maximum temperature stop which, set at the highest comfortable level, prevents the elderly or young children from accidentally turning the temperature up too high.

    The Millennium also offers the added benefit of phased shutdown. When you push the STOP button, water will continue to flow for a few seconds, flushing all the hot water out of the unit. This ensures that anyone stepping into the shower immediately after you does not have an unpleasantly hot start to their shower.


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