Triton Millennium Care Shower 8.5kW - White/Chrome - Discontinued

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Triton Millennium Care Shower 8.5kW - White/Chrome0MILL080C

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Height - 413mm
Width - 243mm
Depth - 97mm
Millennium Care Electric Shower 8.5kW White/Chrome
This state-of-the-art thermostatic electric shower uses revolutionary new technology to provide the most precise temperature control of any electric shower.

'Set and Forget Operation' - The unit will automatically adjust to any pressure, flow or voltage variants and will always return to the preset temperature.
  • Thermostatic Control - Ensures the temperature does not increase by more than 1°C of the setting.
  • Push Button START/STOP - One button for START/STOP located separately away from all other buttons at the bottom of the unit. An optional red indicator label is supplied to help the partially sighted locate the START/STOP button.
  • Push Button Flow Selector - Offers Cold/Low/Medium/High flow. Buttons are large, well spaced and in ascending order. Each button has an LED indicator.
  • Adjustable Maximum Temperature Stop - Prevents the temperature from being turned up too high. Preset temperatures at 41°C, 43°C and 47°C; number 10 on the temperature control will always be the selected maximum preset temperature.


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