Spectra Wirefree PIR & Receiver Kit - White (Discontinued)

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Spectra Wirefree PIR & Receiver Kit - White5004100410689L420NWHI

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Requires 1 x Battery: 9v PP3 (6LR61) Alkaline battery
Not included
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PIR 110 x 95 x 73mm
RECEIVER 144 x 94 x 33mm
Spectra Wirefree PIR & Receiver Kit - White
Our Wirefree Spectra range provides an easy to install detection solution.

We have now upgraded our Spectra Wirefree range to operate on 868 MHz.
This means the products now benefit from a less crowded frequency
so they are less prone to interference from other wirefree devices
and the higher antenna output provides a stronger transmission enhancing
the performance and range between PIR & receiver.

The Spectra 868 MHz range is even easier to set up and install
as they are already pre-programmed to each other.

Once installed, when the PIR detector senses the movement of heat sources,
it sends a signal to the receiver unit, which automatically activates the lighting connected to it

The wirefree detector can be positioned exactly where needed for optimum detection,
or in places difficult to reach with cables.
It can also positioned on any firm surface up to 200m* away from the receiver unit

Ideal for use in driveways, courtyards, gardens, outbuildings, perimeter fences and detached garages

An unlimited number of PIR’s can be added to the system

* Measured in open field conditions.
  • 140º detection area & 12m detection zone (when mounted 2.5m high)
  • 2 detection zones – for reliable activation, without blind spots
  • Easy to use rotary controls on base of detector for:
  • Adjustable “time-on” duration to set how long the before the light switches off after movement is detected (5 secs to 20mins)
  • And adjustable photocell – to avoid wasteful daytime operation
  • Movement / low battery LED indicator
  • Swivel head and lens screening panels for setting the precise width of detection area
  • Waterproof up to IP54
  • Power supply: 230Vac ~ 50Hz
  • Load switching capacity
  • Tungsten Filament: 1200W
  • Tungsten Halogen: 1200W
  • Fluorescent: 250W
  • Note: Not suitable for compact fluorescent lamps
  • Protection: IP54
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Operating Frequency: 868MHz
  • RF range: see transmitter device spec
  • No of linkable devices: 10


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