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Glowfix Load Regulator
Varilight Glowfix load regulator for improving the performance when dimming some LED lamps with Varilight V-Pro dimmers.

1 x VL GF required per lighting circuit (NOT per LED)

This device improves performance in two ways:
1. With some combinations of lamps it will enable the lamps to be dimmed to a lower brightness level.
2. With remote control dimmers such as Varilight Eclique dimmers,
there is the possibility that with the lights switched off, the lamps may still glow.
This is due to the extremely low current needed to illuminate ultra efficient LED lamps such as the TLC LEDlite COB lamp.

Remote control dimmers, by their nature, need to be on standby so they are ready to receive an infra-red signal.
This standby mode may be enough to illuminate the lamps which the Glowfix cures. Unlike other load regulators available,
Varilight Glowfix does not markedly decrease the efficiency of LED lamps as it draws less than 1 watt.
Can be easily retrofitted by simply wiring the Varilight Glowfix in parallel with any of the lamp fittings."


GF Instructions - pdf 69kb FAQ - Trouble Shooting
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Glowfix Load Regulator