100w 2 way V-PRO Silent Trailing Edge LED Grid Dimmer - Brushed Steel5021575968729GJP100S

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V-PRO Dimmer Range

Min 25mm Box required
35mm deep boxes recommended
to aid heat dissipation.

LED Loads
1-10 LEDs per dimmer (max. 100W)
(max. 200W per dimmer)
Mains Halogen
(max. 150W per dimmer)
Eco Halogen
(max. 150W per dimmer)
Low Voltage Halogen
(max. 150W per dimmer)
10w to 100w 2 Way LED Grid Dimmer
200w 2 Way Silent Trailing Edge Grid Dimmer
Brushed Steel
for use with Varilight PowerGrid
Professional Trailing-Edge Dimmers (V-Pro).
Our most versatile dimmer switch.
High quality UK design and manufacture.
Trailing edge for smooth, totally silent dimming.
Intelligent detection of the lamp type for adaptive control of most loads.
Overload protection. Superb performance with most dimmable LED lamps.
Soft start and gentle waveform to considerably extend lamp life
  • Soft start to extend lamp life Saves energy
  • Steps down output under partial overload,
  • Switches off under gross overload, protecting components and extending product life.
  • Normal operation resumes once load is corrected.
  • iQ intelligent control of awkward loads
  • Push-on / Push-off 2 Way switching
  • Specifically for use on the primary circuit of low voltage lighting transformers.
  • Any combination of transformers up to the maximum rating may be connected
  • Automatic self-resetting overload protection
  • Automatic self-resetting thermal protection
  • How to Program Varilight V-Pro Dimmers
  • Suitable for
  • Incandescent GLS Lamps
  • Candle, Golf Ball etc
  • 12V Dichroic lamps (best with Telco premium low voltage transformers)
  • Mains Halogen (GU10 Etc)
  • Varilight Dimmable CFL
  • Leading Edge Dimming Loads
  • Trailing Edge Dimming Loads
  • Other Dimmable CFL (subject to manufacturers Guidelines)
  • Dimmable Mains LED
  • Very low wattage loads
  • Not Suitable for
  • Dimmable Ballast
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Wire Wound Low Voltage (or other inductive Load)


Dimmer Selection Guide .PDF (200kb) Dimmer Instructions - pdf 63kb FAQ - Trouble Shooting
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100w 2 way V-PRO Silent Trailing Edge LED Grid Dimmer - Brushed Steel