1 Gang 2 Way 400w IQ Master Remote Touch Dimmer Switch - Mocha (Discontinued)

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1 Gang 2 Way 400w IQ Master Remote Touch Dimmer Switch - Mocha5021575650297IDMI401MS

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V-Plus Dimmer Range

Minimum Load - 40 watts
Mocha - Screwless
1 Gang 2 Way 400w Remote Control Dimmer
Dimension Screwless
Mocha Flat Plate Accessories
Ultimate in Minimalism for Modern Living Spaces

Flatplate depth: 4.3mm including the substrate
powder coated steel alloy

A revolutionary new range of touch and remote control dimmer switches.

A touch sensitive button in the centre of the plate and a tiny lens in the centre of the button
so as to not spoil the overall look of the product.

You can dim the lights using touch control or remotely .
The master dimmer switches are one way but can be used in conjunction with slave units
in a multi-way circuit (including intermediate and 2 way)
so that the lights can be dimmed from more than one location.

In this type of circuit you should use one master dimmer and any number of slave units
with three wires directly connecting each switch (as is usual in a 2 way circuit).

The low-priced slave units are not dimmer switches
and cannot be used on their own without a master dimmer.
  • Using trailing edge technology, they can be used for mains or low voltage lighting.
  • Remote control sold separately
  • The front plate is removable which makes decorating & painting easier.
  • Like the IQ dimmers it also has a soft start to extend lamp life and overload protection with automatic reset.
  • In learning mode, it can be taught any button of most existing infra-red remote controllers.
  • (Full clear instructions with diagrams are included with the product)


Dimmer Selection Guide .PDF (200kb) iQ Dimmer Info - pdf 90kb Dimmer Instructions - pdf 03kb
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1 Gang 2 Way 400w IQ Master Remote Touch Dimmer Switch - Mocha