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V-Plus Dimmer Range

Minimum Load - 40 watts
2 Gang 300w 2 Way
V-PLUS iQ Mains & LV Dimmer Switch

These “IQ” dimmers are microprocessor controlled and benefit form the following features:

They fully comply with European safety legislation (BSEN 60669-2-1)
and handle overload situations by stepping down its output to the lamps until the load is reduced.

These dimmers are suitable for all applications requiring a leading edge dimmer.

The output from the dimmer switch is extremely gentle on the load and they are soft-start, thus extending lamp life considerably.

These dimmer switches are suitable for many types of load (subject to lamp/transformer manufacturers guidelines).
They can be used for:
Incandescent GLS lamps
12V Dichroic lamps (best with Telco premium low voltage transformers)
Mains Halogen lamps (GU10 etc)
Varilight dimmable low-energy CFL lamps
Wire-wound transformers

One dimmer for either mains or low voltage transformer loads

"The finest 304 stainless steel as a base product, then electro polishing to attain a perfect mirror finish.
The plates are then nickel plated and finally copper plated to a flawless finish.
Electrophoretic lacquer encapsulates the entire plate for total protection."
  • Soft start to extend lamp life Saves energy
  • Steps down output under partial overload,
  • Switches off under gross overload, protecting components and extending product life.
  • Normal operation resumes once load is corrected.
  • iQ intelligent control of awkward loads
  • Push-on / Push-off 2 Way switching
  • Specifically for use on the primary circuit of low voltage lighting transformers.
  • Any combination of transformers up to the maximum rating may be connected


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