60 - 700w 2 way V-PLUS iQ Mains & LV Dimmer Switch Module5021575007893MIP700

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V-Plus Dimmer Range

Minimum Load - 40 watts
60 - 700w Dimmer Module
IQ Intelligent dimmers best for Halogen

These “IQ” dimmers are microprocessor controlled and benefit form the following features:

They fully comply with European safety legislation (BSEN 60669-2-1)
and handle overload situations by stepping down its output to the lamps until the load is reduced.

These dimmers are suitable for all applications requiring a leading edge dimmer.

The output from the dimmer switch is extremely gentle on the load and they are soft-start, thus extending lamp life considerably.

These dimmer switches are suitable for many types of load (subject to lamp/transformer manufacturers guidelines).

One dimmer for either mains or low voltage transformer loads
  • Mains voltage GLS or candle bulbs;
  • Good quality dimmable electronic low voltage transformers
  • GU10 or similar HiSpot mains halogen bulbs
  • Dimmable energy-saving light bulbs
  • Non-dimmable fluorescent bulbs and tubes
  • Wire-wound or toroidal transformers;
  • Electric motors.
  • Suitable for
    Incandescent GLS Lamps
    Candle, Golf Ball etc
    Lv Dichroic Lamps & Electronic Transformers
    Mains Halogen (GU10 Etc)
    Varilight Dimmable CFL
    Leading Edge Dimming Loads
  • Not Suitable for
    Wire Wound Low Voltage (or other inductive Load)
    Other Dimmable CFL (subject to manufacturers Guidelines)
    Dimmable Mains LED
    Dimmable Ballast
    Fluorescent Tubes
    Very low wattage loads
    Trailing Edge Dimming Loads


Dimmer Selection Guide .PDF (200kb) Dimmer Instructions - pdf 28kb FAQ - Trouble Shooting
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60 - 700w 2 way V-PLUS iQ Mains & LV Dimmer Switch Module Size L