0 - 300w 2 way V-PRO Silent Trailing Edge Dimmer Module (max 30 LEDs)5021575003017MJP300

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V-PRO LED Dimmer Module
MJP300 Varilight High Power V-Pro Series module, 1 or 2 Way 300 Watt LED Dimmer Module.

2-Way Push-On/Off Rotary LED Dimmer 0-300W (Max 30 LEDs) Replacement Module.

These V-Pro Modules are Trailing Edge by default, but this can be adjusted to Leading Edge, please see instructions provided with the Module

Product Features
To replace dimmer modules in an already existing product
V-Pro intelligent dimming technology
Soft start feature and intelligent overload protection
Adjustable minimum brightness setting and choice of driving modes
Suitable for many dimmable LED lamps
Minimum Load – 10w

Not suitable for use with non-dimmable fluorescent bulbs and tubes,
wire-wound or toroidal transformers or electric motors. Do not overload.
  • V-Pro Dimmer
  • Soft start function to protect the lamps and dimmer.
  • Intelligent overload protection – senses if the dimmer is overloaded and temporarily shuts down the dimmer until the load is corrected
  • Thermal overload protection – Senses an overload of heat and temporarily shuts the dimmer down to protect it.
  • Multiple dimming modes for maximum lamp compatibility
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum brightness for fine tuning.
  • Drive function improves illumination at low brightness
  • Child lock feature to secure programmed settings


Dimmer Selection Guide .PDF (200kb) Dimmer Instructions - pdf 63kb FAQ - Trouble Shooting
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0 - 300w 2 way V-PRO Silent Trailing Edge Dimmer Module (max 30 LEDs) Size M