40 - 600w 2 way V-COM LED Dimmer Switch Module (max 60 LEDs)5021575001372MKP600

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V-COM LED Dimmer Switch Module
2 way - 600w
V-Com is suitable for up to 60 LED lamps Min Load 40W - (Max load 600w) per module

Great value V-Com, leading edge push on/off 2 way LED dimmer module.
Suitable for up to 60 LED lamps with a maximum load of 600W. No minimum load.

Can also be used for Incandescent and halogen loads up to 600W.

Choose V-Com for LEDs specifying triac dimmer control.

Please check Minimum Load
  • V-Com Dimmer
  • Soft start function to protect the lamps and dimmer.
  • Intelligent overload protection – senses if the dimmer is overloaded and temporarily shuts down the dimmer until the load is corrected
  • Thermal overload protection – Senses an overload of heat and temporarily shuts the dimmer down to protect it.
  • Multiple dimming modes for maximum lamp compatibility
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum brightness for fine tuning.
  • Drive function improves illumination at low brightness
  • Child lock feature to secure programmed settings


Dimmer Selection Guide .PDF (200kb) Dimmer Instructions - pdf 130kb FAQ - Trouble Shooting
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40 - 600w 2 way V-COM LED Dimmer Switch Module (max 60 LEDs) Size XL