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VENTUS Mini Eco LED Torch / Radio AM/FMVIP7390

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Mini Eco LED Torch / Radio AM/FM
Double the power, half the winding up effort!
New contact-less generator technology using Neodymium magnets offers DOUBLE the power output compared with budget brands.
That means longer run time for less effort. (ie 30 minutes sound for 1 minute winding, compared to typical 10 - 15 minutes).

Vastly brighter light!
The use of more expensive InGaN LED’s ensures Super Bright performance with minimal power consumption.
More than FIVE TIMES the light output compared with many budget models. Instantly see the difference!

Longer run time!
The use of higher capacity internal batteries ensure superior duration.
For example, radio plays for SIX HOURS, provides over FIVE HOURS of constant light, compared with typical budget performances of around 20 minutes!

Greater convenience!
Features USB socket for convenient full cycle charging from any PC or Laptop. Provides easy access to full battery capacity.
Features Mobile Phone Charger (Nokia connector) and stereo 3.5mm headphone socket for personal use.

Environmental Care!
All products are Retail Packaged in eye-catching, but eco friendly formats.
No more clamshells or full blisters! Just good, simple cartons made from recycled pulp with the minimum possible, but recyclable, plastic windows.

Built to last!
Designed for total Customer Satisfaction. For example:-
Rugged rubberised finish to all surfaces to ensure a firm and comfortable grip.
High quality LED lamps tested to over 100,000 hours lifecycle.
Advanced contact-less generator system has only ONE moving part, and NO wearable components, thus ensuring extremely rugged and durable lifecycle.
Made to last! Thick and solid body made from impact resistant and fully recyclable ABS, Winding Handle made from glass fibre reinforced Nylon. Inter-meshing generator gears manufactured from dissimilar polymers provide long life and smooth operation.
  • MW / FM radio
  • Great sound anywhere
  • Multi-mode torch light
  • Compact palm-sized
  • Ventus induction generator
  • Emergency phone charge
  • Tough, impact resistant
  • Splash proof design
  • USB recharge from PC
  • Recycled packaging
  • Radio with PLL Tuning - FM 87 ~ 108Mhz / MW 520 ~ 1710KHz
  • Manual tuning scale With backlight
  • 3 x LED multi-mode flashlight Bright white x2 / Red night-reader
  • Play time per minute winding Approx 25 minutes
  • Play time from full charge - Approx 6 hours
  • Recharge by USB 3 - 5 Hours
  • Generator Ventus Induction 600 mA
  • Internal battery 350mAh 3.6v NiMh
  • USB charge cable Included
  • Phone charge cable Included (with Nokia plug)
  • Certificated CE / ROHS / WEEE
  • Dimensions 130 x 77 x 50 mm (approx)
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