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Rustica Wall Flame light - TerracottaRUSTICA

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The nature of flash photography means that the image shows the true flame colour
but a rubbish moving image.

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Rustica Wall Flame light - Terracotta

Saffron Flame
The Rustica wall flamelight is constructed from
antique Spanish earthenware roof-tiles and decorative iron bolts.

A break from the usual shiny new flame lights,
the Rustica oozes with rustic Mediterranean feel
and is much more appropriate for those premises and rooms
with an older character, such as with stone floors, timber walls or wooden features.

Optional the more exotic red flame. - see below

In this range we have used antique Spanish roof tiles to house a number of our flame lighting products, both really real and nearly real. The tiles themselves, called ‘Roman’ in style, have been made in the same manner throughout the Mediterranean for the last two millennia. Firstly the tiles are roughly cut to shape and then formed to a curved by moulding on the thigh (generally those of the women of the village, we are given to understand). The upper surface is then smoothed by hand or with a wooden spatula and the tiles are then fired in a wood-fuelled clay kiln.

The tiles were not designed with aesthetic tastes in mind – the last time a designer ran his eye over them it was a couple of thousand years ago and he spoke Latin. Neither were the tiles ‘hand-crafted using the finest materials’ – hands, a bit of thigh and the nearest source of clay would do. They were made to perform a function and it is this lack of modern technology or desire for perfection that gives the tiles their unique charm.

Depending on the local clay and the degree of firing, the tiles exhibit a wide variety of colours – from dusky pink to yellow and reddish-grey. The shaping and sizes are also highly variable, each tile being more unique than a fingerprint – you can even tell whether the maker was right or left-handed !

The many decades of weathering in situ have also had their effect on the character of the tiles – sun-bleached in some parts, water-stained in others. Moss, lichen and other flora have made their home on the tiles and all contribute to their exquisitely rustic nature. To clean the tiles would detract from their beauty so please don’t expect anything pristine.
  • Depth: 16-18cm
  • Flame Height: 12-15cm
  • Height: 40-46cm
  • Width: 19-22cm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Supplied with lamp


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