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L: 118mm x Dia: 25mm

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Material - Polyamide
Filling - Silicone gel
Temperature range -20 °C - 90 °C
Glow wire test - Self-extinguishing
Wiska - LEDJOY
IP68 Gel Filled Junction Device
c/w 2 and 3 pole Connectors
LEDJOY® is our innovative IP68 gel insulated junction device for connecting small cross-section cables from 0.5 to 1.5 mm².

Thanks to its clever design, LEDJOY® is the perfect solution for narrow and tight spaces such as: cable ducts, corrugated pipes, poles and supporting structures.

The unique cable blocking system ensures a safe and securely connected cable.
As with all of our gel products, LEDJOY® is re-enterable, eco-friendly and has no expiry date.

Quick and easy to use LEDJOY® requires no tools, cable glands or components.
Complete with 2-pole and 3-pole insulated connector LEDJOY® comes with everything you need.

LEDJOY®, your solution for LED lighting, Video-surveillance systems, urban and civic lighting (street lighting systems, road and carriageway signs, garden, fountains,ground lighting).
  • Cable blocking
    Specially designed and easy to apply, increasing the safety of your connection, securing the cable in the event of traction or external mechanical stress.
  • Connectors
    LEDJOY is supplied with a 2-pole insulated spring connector and 3-pole insulated screw-type clamping connector. 450V/ 24A
  • Protection class IP68 (in accordance with CEI EN 60529)
  • Voltage - 450 V
    Amp - 24Amp
  • Colour - Grey and yellow
  • Terminals 2-pole insulated spring connector and/or 3-pole insulated screw-type clamping connector
  • Includes Cable blocking system
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IP68 Gel Filled Junction Device c/w 24A Connectors