100 Amp SP & N Switchfuse - Metal - 100A Fuse Fitted5013601086774DSF100M

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Height: 302mm.
Width: 178mm.
Depth: 111mm.
Metal Domestic SP & N Switch Fuse
100A Fuse Fitted
Switch Fuse units for use in domestic household premises BS 7671 Amendment No. 3 : 2015 IET Wiring Regulations.

These dedicated sub main switch fuse units are designed to make
the installation and connection of sub mains or system extensions easy.

These units have been designed, manufactured and tested to meet IEC60947-3.
Wylex Domestic Switch Fuse units are supplied complete with a BS1361 fuse and are tested
to the relevant clauses within BS EN 61439-3 as required by BS 7671 Amendment 3.
  • Rated Voltage: 415Vac.
  • Amps: 100A.
  • Rated breaking capacity: 33kA.
  • Live and Neutral cable capacity min 16mm² - max 35mm².
  • 16mm Earth terminating point inside enclosure.
  • Supplied complete with fuse (100A).
  • Low smoke & fume paint finish.
  • Enclosed in a robust all metal (non-combustible) enclosure.
  • Screw retained cover.
  • 32mm standard knock out for cable gland - top & bottom.
  • Dual screw terminals throughout.
  • Formed metal cover & visor, robust metal enclosure, 1.0mm thick steel.
  • Lockable mechanism for isolation safety purposes.
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100 Amp SP & N Switchfuse - Metal - 100A Fuse Fitted