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New Wylex NH distribution boards now have the facility to be fitted with an integral multi function digital meter within the same physical size of enclosure.
125A kWh Check Meter - Integral Pack
Integral meter kit is available for the Meter Ready boards, consisting of:
A multi functional digital meter with kWh, Amps and Volts readout.
A DIN Rail mounting plate and fixings to assemble in position.
3 Current transformers-DIN Rail mounted & 3 protection fuses.
A complete manufactured numbered wiring loom, connections and Installation instructions.

The meter ready boards still accept ‘add on’ option extension enclosures if required.

Standard Meters - Non MID approved
If a meter is being used purely for a “check meter reading” and not being used to resell
or charge for electricity consumed, then a standard meter that is energy used at that point in time.

For example,
A check meter reading is required to meet L2 Building Regulations
and Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers TM39 guide to Building Energy Metering.
The reading taken is used as a ‘check point’ to help reduce energy consumption.

Helping installations meet the Requirements of Building Regulation Part L2.
  • Available electrical variables
  • kWh Kilowatt hours.
  • kWh (S) Real power (system).
  • kvarh Kilovolt amp reactive hours.
  • kvar (S) Real power (system).
  • PF (S) Power Factor (system).
  • Hz (S) Frequency (system).
  • PF L1 Power Factor.
  • PF L2 Power Factor.
  • PF L3 Power Factor.
  • A L1 Current.
  • A L2 Current.
  • A L3 Current.
  • V L1-2 Line Voltage.
  • V L2-3 Line Voltage.
  • V L3-1 Line Voltage.
  • V L1 Phase Voltage.
  • V L2 Phase Voltage.
  • V L3 Phase Voltage.
  • Pulsed output for active energy retransmission.
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125A kWh Check Meter - Integral Pack