125A kWh Check Meter - Integral Pack0NHCM125INMP

New Wylex NH distribution boards now have the facility to be fitted with an integral multi function digital meter within the same physical size of enclosure
125A kWh Check Meter - Integral Pack

Integral meter kit is available for the Meter Ready boards, consisting of:
A multi functional digital meter with kWh, Amps and Volts readout.
A DIN Rail mounting plate and fixings to assemble in position.
3 Current transformers-DIN Rail mounted & 3 protection fuses.
A complete manufactured numbered wiring loom, connections and Installation instructions

The meter ready boards still accept ‘add on’ option extension enclosures if required.

Standard Meters - Non MID approved
If a meter is being used purely for a “check meter reading” and not being used to resell
or charge for electricity consumed, then a standard meter that is energy used at that point in time.

For example,
A check meter reading is required to meet L2 Building Regulations
and Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers TM39 guide to Building Energy Metering.
The reading taken is used as a ‘check point’ to help reduce energy consumption.

Helping installations meet the Requirements of Building Regulation Part L2
  • Available electrical variables
  • kWh Kilowatt hours
  • kWh (S) Real power (system)
  • kvarh Kilovolt amp reactive hours
  • kvar (S) Real power (system)
  • PF (S) Power Factor (system)
  • Hz (S) Frequency (system)
  • PF L1 Power Factor
  • PF L2 Power Factor
  • PF L3 Power Factor
  • A L1 Current
  • A L2 Current
  • A L3 Current
  • V L1-2 Line Voltage
  • V L2-3 Line Voltage
  • V L3-1 Line Voltage
  • V L1 Phase Voltage
  • V L2 Phase Voltage
  • V L3 Phase Voltage
  • Pulsed output for active energy retransmission.
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125A kWh Check Meter - Integral Pack