Dual Supply REC Switch5013601087252NHDSREC4

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Dual Supply REC Switch
100A, 230V AC DP 2 Module Isolator, lockable 40A, 230V AC DP
2 Module Isolator, lockable Enclosure with split cover and meter
seal and seal - able security screw.

Two isolators in a single enclosure that allows the installer to save
time by comparison to other methods that utilise two separate
  • Allows for the addition of PV supplies using the normal input terminations at each
  • consumer unit
  • 4 Pole Switch gives single point for total Isolation of both supplies
  • Compact Combined Dual Supply Isolator
  • Securable in the OFF position
  • Sealable covers for security
  • Security Screw can be wire sealed
  • Regional Electrical Cut-out.


Data Sheet 140kb PDF Wylex Solar PV Solutions - 2.5Mb pdf
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product photo WY NHDSREC4 Dual Supply REC Switch