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50cm Black Rubber 2x1mm2 + 2amp ac/dc rectifier.

Cone size:
Height : 23cm including 4cm cap
Circumference: 35cm.
Giant Cone BC
Warm White
XP Cone light on a 50cm cable with B22 fitting.
Commercial quality Outdoor Cone light with 27 Static & 3 Twinkling leds.

Can be used in any B22 harness or fitting.
Suitable for use at Christmas or any Seasonal event throughout the year.
Can be used in the decoration of Buildings, Trees, Cross Street harnesses they can also be used at Fairgrounds & Festivals.

Each Cone is supplied on a 50cm cable with B22 Connector.
The Cone is supplied on a Heavy duty Black Rubber Cable.
The Commercial quality LED's are both long lasting & energy efficient they are non-replaceable.
  • Voltage: 230v.
  • Wattage: 3w.
  • LEDS : 30 (27 Static / 3 Flash).
  • LED Colour: Warm White.
  • Socket Fitting: B22 (BC)
  • Best effect mix with golf ball lamps
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Large Cone Warm White BC - Single Cone