Packaging Symbols

Note - The marking of the symbols corresponding to IP numbers is optional.

Amperes A
Frequency (hertz) Hz
Volts V
Watts W
Class II
Class III
Rated maximum ambient temperature ta … °C
Warning against the use of cool-beam lamps
Minimum distance from lighted objects (metres)
Luminaires with built-in ballasts or transformers suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces
Ordinary IP20 no symbol
Drip-proof IPX1 (one drop)
Rain-proof IPX3 (one drop in square)
Splash-proof IPX4 (one drop in triangle)
Jet-proof IPX5 (two triangles with one drop in each)
Watertight (immersible) IPX7 (two drops)
Pressure-watertight (submersible) IPX8 --m (two drops and max depth of submersion)
Protected against solid objects greater than 2.5mm IP3X no symbol
Protected against solid objects greater than 1mm IP4X no symbol
Dust-proof IP5X (a mesh without frame)
Dust-tight IP6X (a mesh with frame)
Use of heat resistant supply cables, interconnecting cables or external wiring
Luminaires designed for use with bowl mirror lamps
Rough service luminaires
Luminaires with high pressure sodium lamps, requiring an external ignitor
Luminaires for use with high pressure sodium lamps having an internal starting device