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High Level Fan Heater N707

This attractive 3 kW heater is designed to complement any decor and provide heat to the precise location it is required by means of the swivel wall brackets. Recommended mounting height is 2-3 metres from floor level. The heater is particularly suitable for use in shops, factories, warehouses and restaurants. This heater is not intended to be used in areas containing flammable and/or explosive atmospheres.

Three position selection off/heat/fan only.
Quiet operation.
Soft oyster grey colour. RAL 7035.
P.T.C. safety overheat cutout.
Wall brackets for angle mounting.
IP20, Class 1



List No. kW Volts Dimensions (mm) Weight
Length X Width Y Depth Z Fixing Centres
N707 3 230 432 172 105 408 41.2 3.8

Heated air volume 180m3/hr
Noise level 50dbA

The manufacturers reserve the right to alter the specification of any product without prior notice.


Industrial High Level Wall Mount N707


PACKAGING - Unpack the heater and remove any packaging material.

LOCATION - The heater is designed for wall mounting and is normally positioned at a point so that the discharge forms a warm air flow over the area to be heated. DO NOT COVER THE HEATER as this can cause overheating, and may damage the unit and COULD ALSO CAUSE A RISK OF FIRE.
The heater is intended to be used in areas which are free from any excessive dust and should not be used in areas containing flammable and or explosive material. Minimum distance from the ceiling is 300mm.

POSlTIONlNG - The heater must not be located below a fixed socket. For optimum performance, the heater should be mounted at between 2 and 3 metres above finished floor level. Ensure the heater has adequate air flow around, at all times, and no object is closer than 1.5 metres from the discharge outlet.

WALL MOUNTING - The heater must only be mounted horizontally. Fix the two mounting brackets to the wall 408mm apart from screw fixing centre, with the coated finish facing outwards. Select a set of mouldings comprising of a domed shape, the grooved shape and two screws. Insert the grooved shape with two clips facing towards the heater repeat the process with the other side, now place the heater and align the two 25mm holes with the mouldings and snap into place, using the screws provided, screw the domed into place do not fully tighten at this stage. Now the heater can be swivelled in the desired direction and the screws tightened to lock the heater in position.

CONNECTIONS - The heater is supplied with a convenient length of suitable flex. Connection to the mains should be made by way of a suitable switch, plug or other device and in accordance with current regulations and protected by an appropriate fuse or circuit breaker. Connect the heater using the live cable, usually brown to the terminal marked L, connect the Neutral cable usually blue to the terminal marked N, and connect the earth cable usually green/yellow to the terminal marked E, and having the symbol . THIS UNIT MUST BE EARTHED.

CONTROLS - Heater control is achieved by means of a three position switch. The central position marked O is off. Position marked I is fan only no heat, position marked II is full 3kW heat output.


Prior to commencing any periodic cleaning or servicing always ensure the supply to the heater is completely isolated. Bush Nelson Electric heaters are factory assembled and tested they are non user serviceable.

The heaters are intended to operate for many years, problem free.

All moving parts are factory lubricated and therefore should require no service.

Maintenance is limited to keeping both the inlet and outlet areas free from any accumulation of dust or any other foreign materials. This is especially important immediately before the heating season. Any dust build up can be loosened using a brush and a vacuum cleaner applied to the airways to ensure completed removal of any dust. When the heater is first turned on after cleaning an unusual odour may be noted this is due to the dust particles which inevitably will be disturbed and will be burnt off from the heating element.

If in any doubt always consult a qualified electrician for advice.

WARRANTY. Your Bush Nelson Heater is guaranteed for the period of one year from the date of purchase. We will repair or replace at our discretion any part found to be defective.
Bush Nelson cannot assume any consequential liability. This guarantee in no way prejudices your rights under common law and is offered as an addition to consumer liability rights.