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Halogen Heaters


APPLICATION - The Halogen series heaters produce heat by short wave infra-red radiation. They are ideally suited for localised heating in large or draughty areas. Wall or ceiling mounted. They are intended for indoor use in normal dry atmospheres and should not be exposed to excessively damp conditions.

PACKAGING - Carefully remove the heater and discard the packaging. Care should be taken to avoid contact with the reflector and lamp. Caution the lamp is glass, handle with care to ensure this is not broken.

LOCATION - Site the heater in such a way as to provide an even spread of heat in the desired area. Minimum mounting height is 2.5 metres from the floor. Consult diagram A, B, & C for the minimum wall and ceiling clearances for the relevant size of heater. The lamp must always be in the horizontal plane. Allow a minimum distance of 2 metres free of obstruction directly in front of the heater and avoid any flammable combustible or heat sensitive material in the immediate surrounding area. Secure the heater in place using the mounting holes provided in the bracket. The optimum position of the reflector is 45 degrees to the horizontal. Tighten two bolts to clamp in place.

CONNECTION - Always check the supply voltage is the same as shown on the rating label. Model 1502/1 MUST ONLY BE USED ON 110 Vac supply. Ensure suitably rated power outlet is within reach of the pre-wired mains cable supplied, and that this cable does not pass over the surface of the heater. Connection to the mains power should be made by way of a suitable switch, plug or other device in accordance with the current regulations and protected by an appropriate fuse or circuit breaker. Please note it is a feature of this type of lamp that an inrush current is experienced. To avoid nuisance tripping, a suitable circuit breaker should be selected. Connect the heater using the Live cable, usually brown to the terminal marked L, connect the Neutral cable usually blue to the terminal marked N, and connect the earth cable usually green/yellow to the terminal marked E, and having the symbol . THIS UNIT MUST BE EARTHED.

OPERATION - When the heater is energised it will provide its full power instantly. Approved dimming controls may be used. Both the 1502 rated at 2.0 kW/110Vac and 1545 rated at 4.50 kW/230Vac heaters are fitted with a switch which, when operated switches off one bank of elements. DO NOT operate the heater without both the reflectors and the wire guard fitted. As with all bright light, DO NOT look directly at the lamp when the heater is switched on. Care should be taken to avoid mechanical damage to the product at all times. Ensure there is a free flow of air over the heater at all times.

MAINTENANCE - The heater has no moving parts and only requires keeping the reflector clean. Should a lamp fail, either contact a qualified electrical engineer or follow the following procedures.
1) Ensure the electrical supply is turned off before attempting lamp replacement.
2) Remove the four screws securing the wire guard and reflector. Lift off the wire guard and the reflector care should be taken not to damage the reflector, place the screws, grille and the reflector safely to one side.
3) Slacken the two screws holding the mains terminal block cover and remove the cover.
4) The flying leads to the lamps are secured to a porcelain terminal block, slacken the screws and release the fork terminals from the porcelain block, withdraw the lamp from the lamp holders by gently easing the lamp forward to disengage the lamp and cap from the retaining springs.
5) Carefully remove the new lamp from its packaging, ensure all protective wrapping is removed.

Lamps should only be handled by the end caps. If the lamp glass is inadvertently touched with bare hands, wipe the lamp with a lint free cloth moistened with methylated spirit.

If you are in any doubt contact your electrical engineer for advice.

WARRANTY. Your Bush Nelson product is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase. We will repair or replace at our discretion any part found to be defective. We cannot assume any consequential liability. This guarantee is in no way prejudices your rights under common law and is offered as an addition to consumer liability rights.