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 Dewalt, Natural Born Drillers


DeWALT has launched its new generation of XRP heavy-duty cordless drills with more torque, more speed and three gears.

 The company’s new line of 12V, 14.4V, and 18V drill/drivers, and 14.4V and 18V hammerdrill/drill/drivers use a DeWALT-built high-torque motor that delivers more torque for drilling larger holes and driving bigger screws. Maximum torque is 51Nm. for the 18V; 45Nm. for the 14.4V; and 42Nm. for the 12V.

 Besides boosting torque, DeWALT is the first company to add a 3-speed transmission that produces more RPMs for faster drilling. Low speed (1st gear) and high speed (2nd gear) are similar to other cordless drills currently available. However, the new MAX 3rd speed is 38 percent faster than high speed on the 18V drill, and 29 percent faster on the 14.4V and 12V models. RPMs on the MAX 3rd speed range from 0 to 2,000 on the 18V, and from 0 to 1,800 on the 14.4 and 12V.

 Ideal for jobs that previously required the high speed, the MAX 3rd speed is noticeably faster for , wood and metal drilling, and especially for hammerdrilling into masonry, where the MAX speed drills holes up to 33 percent faster. BPMs on the MAX 3rd speed setting now range from 0 to 34,000 on the 18V hammerdrill, and from 0 to 30,600 on the 14.4V hammerdrill.

 All XRP models feature a ” ratcheting chuck lock to keep a tighter grip on the bit. The hammerdrills also have special carbide jaws. The ratcheting chuck lock consists of two elements: an automatic spindle lock that allows users to tighten down on the chuck 2X tighter, and ratcheting action to prevent the chuck sleeve from loosening during the job.

 The new XRP drills have all-metal gearing and a magnesium gear case for light weight durability, with an anti-slip comfort grip to reduce user fatigue. In addition, they come with DeWALT’s Extended Run-Time batteries that allow more work per charge and do not develop “memory.”