Wiring Circuit Diagrams

MK Logic Plus Technical Index.

The PDF's below show product features, Line Drawings, Dimensions, Options and Technical specifications.

We hold in stock most of the items listed but NOT all these can be ordered in.

Connection Units
Flex Outlet Plates
20 Amp DP Switches
Spurs.pdf - 253kb

Cooker Control Units
32 Amp DP Switches
45 Amp DP Switches

Cooker.pdf - 210kb
Dimmers Logic_Plus_Dimmer.pdf - 173kb
Grid Plus GridPlus.pdf - 448kb
10 Amp Switches
Arcitrave switches
20 Amp SP Switches
PlateSwitches.pdf - 322kb
Shaver Socket 240v K700.pdf - 152kb
Shaver Socket 240v / 110v K701.pdf - 165kb
Sockets - 13 Amp Sockets.pdf - 269kb
Sockets - 2 / 5 / 15 Amp SocketsRnd.pdf - 167kb
Telephone & Tv Sockets TelephoneSkts.pdf - 208kb
3 Pole Fan Isolator Switch 3_Pole_Fan_Isolator.pdf - 189kb
LOGIC PLUS - All Items LOGIC_PLUS_tech.pdf - 600kb
Light Switch Wiring Diagrams WiringDiagrams.pdf - 33kb

MK Other Ranges

Albany Plus Range MK_AlbanyPlus.pdf - 2.6Mb
Chroma Plus Range MK_CHROMA_PLUS_prod.pdf - 670kb
Edge Range MK_EDGE_prod.pdf - 420kb
Metalclad Plus Sockets Metalclad_Socket_Outlets.pdf - 274kb
Metalclad Plus Switches Metalclad_Plateswitches.pdf - 242kb
Metalclad Plus Range MK_METALCLAD_prod.pdf - 930kb
MK Accessory Boxes - All Types MK_BOXES.pdf - 550kb