Lamp Life Guide

Halogen Lamp Information.


When installing them, ensure that the distance between the lamps and the surface to be lit isadequate to prevent the temperature of the surface exceeding 95 degrees C. Always respect the lamp manufacturer's recommended distances. Ensure that no decorative element is closer than the indicated minimum limit (e.g. mobile supports, curtains, etc.). The corresponding values should be respected for lamps intended to radiate light at variousangles (see table below).

Lamp - 12 volt Beam Angle Distance (cm)
20w 12° 50
20w 36° 50
50w 150
50w 24° 80
50w 38° 50

Operational life

The operational life of a low voltage incandescent halogen lamp depends on the voltage applied to the lamp.

Light level variations

The light from low voltage incandescent halogen lamps may be varied to an infinite degree. When selecting a light dimmer, ensure that it is suitable for the inductiveload (use only light dimmers for low voltage halogen lamps).