Types of Fans

Acoustic Cabinet Fans fitted with low pressure direct drive centrifugal fans and lined with extra thick acoustic foam to minimise radiated and inlet noises.

The compact design and low noise levels enables installation in false ceiling application and makes them suitable for the widest range of installations where noise levels are one of the main requirements.

Axial Fans are designed to move air over short distances, i.e. window fixing or through mounting, and are not suitable for ducting over 2 metres in length. Available in 4", 5", 6" ,9" and 12" sizes.

Ideal for through the wall and window applications they provide high performance with a slim profile, however, they are suitable for use with short, straight runs of ducting only, up to a maximum 2.5m

Axial Flow Fans is a development of the propeller fan, but is more efficient ( 70% - 80% ) due mainly to the aerofoil section blades and finer clearances between the impeller blade tips and the cylindrical fan casing for commercial uses.

Centrifugal Fans Using a cylindrical centrifugal impeller they are designed to move air over longer distances and will perform well against the pressure caused by long lengths of ducting and resistance by grilles. N.B. When ducting vertically it is recommended that a condensation trap is used.

These are quiet, powerful and suitable for wall, ceiling and window applications.

Humidistat Controls TLC have a complete range of integral Humidistat Controls on all their fans; they are also available with a pullcord override switch. A remote mounted model is also available (BG REMHM). All are designed to switch on the fan as the humidity rises in the bathroom and off as it drops. It will continue to monitor the humidity 24 hours per day, thus preventing mould growth on walls and ceilings and drastically reduces condensation problems.

Low Voltage Fans. It is a requirement of the Institute of Electrical Engineers On-Site Guide that within the bath tub or shower basin, or within reach of a person in a bath or shower, that only equipment operating at 12 Volts or less shall be accessible.

Mixed Flow Fans combine the characteristics of the larger volume of air moved by the axial fan and the higher pressure's of the centrifugal fans.

Passive Infra-red Fans P.I.R. extractor fans sensitive to movement will switch on the fan when someone enters the room and switch it off when the room is vacated. The units incorporate a time delay switch, which requires no switched live and is energy efficient. Range 5 metres.