STEINEL PIR Outdoor Wall Light c/w WiFi Camera

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PIR Outdoor Wall Light
c/w WiFi Camera
Smart. Safe. Intelligent.
The L600 CAM is a sensor-switched camera and intercom system in one product.

With integrated micro SD memory card and camera to get razor-sharp images onto
the smartphone or tablet (Wi-Fi and app-based). Enclosure in aluminium and high-quality
opal glass. 180° infrared motion sensor with 10m reach. Warm-white light: 3000K and 781 lm at 14,3 W.

The sensor-switched light with durable aluminium enclosure and high-quality opal glass
is the first Wi-Fi-based camera light from STEINEL and is always in touch with you via app.
As soon as the 180° infrared motion sensor with a reach of 10m detects movement,
the light is switched ON and you receive a message on your mobile device.
The precision-adjustable camera transmits images of your entrance area to
your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi and provides you with the option of interacting.
You can see and hear exactly what is happening outside your front door, and you can
communicate from your smartphone or tablet via the built-in intercom unit.

As soon as movement is detected, the corresponding images
are saved to an micro SD card installed in the light.

Thanks to the warm-white light with 3000K and 781lm, and an output of 14,3 W,
even the darkest shapes are always well illuminated.

Comes with a Remote Control as well as Phone App compatibility.


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