BN Thermic Suspended Ceiling Fan Heaters

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BN Thermic
Suspended Ceiling Fan Heaters
The SCH Suspended ceiling heater is purpose designed
Designed to rest in the T bar of a 600 x 600 ceiling system.

It can either be fitted above a metal egg crate diffuser or with the epoxy powder coated front cover exposed.

For use as an over door heater the front panel can be cut down to fit the
reduced size tile often found on the ceiling perimeter.

Ideal for heating shops and offices because the heaters do not occupy valuable wall and floor space.

  • White Aluminium 50mm x 50mm EGG crate diffuser (SCH-ECD) included as standard.
  • Powerful 6kW, 4.5kW and 3kW models available.
  • Sized to fit standard suspended ceiling systems.
  • Minimum height and unique taper shape for ease of fitting.
  • Plastic coated front cover in neutral grey for inconspicuous installation.
  • M4 eye bolts for suspension
  • IP22, Class 1
  • Length of front cover can be reduced to fit non standard tiles.
  • Safety cut-out.
  • Can be wired with fan only switch for summer use.
  • Tangential fan with low noise aluminium fan blades
  • Shaded pole high performance motor
  • Factory lubricated bearings (servicing not required)
  • Rubber fittings for low noise operation.
  • 6kW heaters have a built-in relay meaning that the minimum switching capacity of a suitable thermostat is reduced to 10A
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Radiant Ceiling Heating Panel

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BN RP203

BN RP206


Radiant Ceiling Heating Panel
RP Ceiling Panels are a more economic means of heating
commercial premises than conventional heating systems.
The gentle radiant effect means that the ‘experienced temperature’
can be up to 4°C warmer than the actual air temperature.
This means that the thermostat can be set up to 4°C lower.

The temperature gradient is negligible. Typically air
temperature will increase by 0.3°C per metre above floor level.
This figure compares to a typical 2.5°C per metre when using fan heaters.

IP Versions Rated: IP55.


BNRP2 Datasheet 250kb BNRP2 Instructions 250kb
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Electronic IP65 Time Delay Switch

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Height: 94mm.
Width: 94mm.
Depth: 57mm.

Weight: 0.30kg
Electronic Time Delay Switch

Weatherproof – suitable for loads up to 16(4)A.

Light ON times selectable from 2
minutes to 3 hours via 3 position DIL switch.

Adjustable 2, 5, 10, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minute settings.

Blue LED flashes 1 minute before end time as prompt to user.

3 wire connection – neutral required.

Rated: IP65.

3 Year Guarantee


SMDS3HD Instructions 600kb
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