LED Non Maintained Emergency Downlight

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LED Emergency Downlight
3hr Non Maintained
This LED compact recessed emergency light is ideal for use in corridors, stairwells
and other places that require a smart, discrete emergency unit.

c/w Silver and White Trims
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LEDlite Universal 5w to 20w LED Emergency Pack 2600mAh

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Length: 260mm.
Width: 50mm.
Depth: 30mm.

Working Volt:

Emergency Output:
Voltage/Current - DC 230V 0.12A~0.01A.

Battery Type:
18650 Li-Ion 11.1V 2600mAh.
20mm x 20mm x 220mm.
Universal 5w to 20w LED Emergency Pack
Emergency Lighting Power Pack
for Mains Voltage LED Lamps.

The LTEM26 emergency pack includes housing, PCB, test switch, Indicator light and Li-ion battery.

The device is situated in housing; the battery is a 2600mAh
Li-ion battery with long lifespan; the PCB uses IC control design
in charging/discharging and power supply.

The PCB circuit has complete protection design for over-charging/discharging,
output short-circuit, open circuit or input/output reverse connection.

Operating principle:
The LTEM26 emergency pack is being charged when AC power is present.
When fully charged, the circuit will protect the battery from
over-charging and the emergency pack will enter stand-by mode.
As soon as the AC power fails the battery will supply power to the LED lights.

The LTEM26 emergency pack is suitable for all 5-20W LED lamps and fittings with Integrated Circuit driver.
(This device CANNOT be used for the LED lights with Resistive driver).
It is used to ensure LED lights work normally in case of power failure.

Emergency Time: 180 minutes.

Rated: IP30.

2 Year Warranty.


LTEM26 Datasheet 2.6mb LTEM26 Instructions 600kb
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