40 Amp 30mA RCBO - BG - Type B (compact)5050765155397CUCRB40

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40 Amp 30mA RCBO - Type B
New Compact RCBO's for BG Consumer Units

Single module 30mA sensitivity combined MCB/RCD.

New compact size RCBO allowing for maximum usage of cable space within the Consumer Unit and easy installation
  • Single module RCBOs will occupy one outgoing way.
  • Positive contact indication status
  • Device capable of being locked in the 'ON' or 'OFF' Position
  • Manufactured and tested to EN/IEC 61009-1 standards
  • An RCBO is a combination of an MCB and RCD
    This enables both overcurrent protection and earth fault current protection by a single unit.
  • MCB with type ‘B’ characteristics


BG CRB & CRC Data Sheet 330kb pdf
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product photo BG CRB40 40 Amp 30mA RCBO - BG - Type B (compact)