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NAPIT EICR Codebreakers
This guide has been designed to help contractors carrying out
periodic inspection and testing. It gives advice on the possible
coding in line with BS 7671:2018 of a range of observations that
can be encountered in an existing electrical installation.

With an industry emphasis on accurate Electrical Installation
Condition Reports (EICRs), it is essential that inspectors
Code their observations in an understandable and quantifiable manner.

To augment any inspection and testing, this guide also discusses
guidance and information covering risk assessments, the frequency
of inspections, for use by both inspectors and Clients, and safe
isolation procedures in domestic and commercial/industrial environments.
  • Periodic inspection and testing is a fundamental requirement to ensure safe electrical installations. Those carrying out this very complex and specialist task need to be highly skilled and have a detailed knowledge of both current and historic wiring types, electrical systems and methods of installation.
  • After any periodic inspection and testing, a detailed condition report needs to be compiled by the person carrying out the work. The findings of this Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) can encompass a series of observations, to which a Code or classification is given.
  • Coding the observations encountered during an EICR can be difficult and complex. NAPIT hasproduced this comprehensive  guide to help inspectors understand how to Code some of these observations.
  • Called the “Codebreaker” series of guidance, it aims to continually evolve and look to cover more and more advice for the inspector.
  • Codebreaker guidance is not exhaustive and should be used to understand how to look at an installation during a periodic inspection and testing. If a particular subject is not covered the inspector can see from the information contained in this guide, how to understand the coding system and develop new observations for the situations they encounter.
  • New for the 18th Edition Codebreaker, is guidance covering risk assessments, the frequency of inspections, information for use by both inspectors and Clients, Surge Protection, Arc Fault Detection Devices, Max EFLI information and BS 7671 Non-Regulatory advice.
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NAPIT EICR Codebreakers