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NAPIT On Site Solutions
With NAPIT’s constant drive to improve standards and working practices throughout the
electrical industry, we felt compelled to look at how electrical installations are designed,
installed and maintained, taking account of any legislation that may also affect them.

Good and proper solutions to the everyday problems’ electricians encounter on-site, is of
paramount importance to the technical authors at NAPIT. With this in mind, NAPIT has
produced an On-site Solutions book.

This On-site Solutions book is specifically designed to help electricians understand and
overcome the day to day issues they encounter. It is a crucial toolbox document that should
be available at all times.
  • Installation work is notoriously fluid, with different requirements almost daily. There is no clear outcome for every event. This book looks at the fundamental requirements and gives clear solutions to overcome everyday problems.
  • Using clear examples, tables, and pre worked values for different scenarios, On-site Solutions gives electricians the information they need; when they need it.
  • The electrical industry is continuously evolving with new working practices, technologies, and legislative constraints. With these changes, electricians need to have the knowledge and guidance to carry out compliant, efficient, and safe installations, which are demanded by their clients.
  • NAPIT’s On-site Solutions will follow the ethics of all of our publications. We aim to evolve and improve the solutions given in it, with direct feedback from the most important people, those that use it.
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NAPIT On Site Solutions