Gutter Cable Spacer Kit5060002016480GP-S

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Gutter Cable Spacer Kit
use with
Self-Regulating Heating Cable
for Gutters and Downpipes
The spacer kit comprises 5 x stainless steel pre-punched strips
and associated cable ties.

It is used to protect the cable as it crosses a sharp edge
or to maintain the distance between cable runs
when more than one cable run is required in a wide gutter.
  • Protect the cable as it passes over a sharp edge by means of the GP-S spacer kit.
  • Gutters between 120mm and 240mm width: use a double run of cable .
  • Gutters over 240mm width: use multiple runs of cable.
  • Cable runs should be approximately 120mm apart.
  • Use GP-S spacer kit to maintain this distance.


Data Sheet 500kb pdf Instructions 3Mb pdf
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Gutter Cable Spacer Kit