1.5kW Quartz Halogen Heater - Discontinued

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1.5kW Quartz Halogen Heater0H1500N

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W405 x H190 x D72 mm - excl bracket
Weight 1.75 kg

Supplied c/w Heating lamps

Colour: Ivory White
RAL 1015
1.5kW Quartz Halogen Heater
The Halogen Heaters produce more than 80% of their heat in radiant form
at the Short wave end of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Consequently this energy is transmitted through air with little loss,
only being absorbed by the people or products that require heating.
It is the same way that the Sun heats the Earth.
This property makes Halogen Heating an efficient method
of heating large and/or draughty areas
  • Precision optically designed reflector
  • 1.5kW linear tungsten Halogen lamp/s.
  • Neutral Density (Gold Glow) lamps
  • Matching metal protective guard.
  • Heavy gauge epoxy coated case.
  • IP22, Class 1
  • 1.5m Flex lead
  • Bracket for wall mounted
  • Typical Installations Include
    Loading bays.
    Sports Halls,
    gymnasiums, squash courts etc.
    Churches and community halls.
    Intermittently used work stations.
    Animal pens at farms or zoos.
    Spectator heating at sports grounds and open-air venues.
  • Benefits
    Instant response.
    Directional, thus only heats area required.
    May be operated at a suitable ratio PIR (Passive Infra Red) Detector, allowing most efficient energy use.
    Easy low cost installation
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BN H1500N

1.5kW Quartz Halogen Heater