3Kw Night Eye PIR Heat/Light Controller5012483010938MTLW3000

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3Kw Night Eye PIR Heat/Light Controller
200º detection area, IP44 weatherproof rating and total PIR switching of 3000W Heating/incandescent/halogen or 500W fluorescent/low energy lighting

MTLW3000 can be wired in parallel to enable any detector to turn ON all the load connected.
The load must not exceed the 3kw rating of a single unit.
  • 12m detection range with 200º area of detection.
  • Total PIR switching: 3000W halogen/incandescent,
  • 600W fluorescent/low energy.
  • Adjustable light level control.
  • IP44 weatherproof rating.
  • Adjustable light ON time 5 seconds to 18 minutes.
  • Manual ON/OFF override.
  • Hinged back box for ease of wiring.
  • Operating Voltage - 230V AC
  • Lamp Load (W)
    Fluorescent/Low Energy 500, Filament 3000
  • Weatherproof Rating: IP44
  • Detection Range (Max) Metres: 12
  • Angle of Detection: 200º
  • Light On Time After last detection (Adjustable)
    5 Seconds (Min), 18 Minutes (Max)
  • Permanent ON Facility: (Electronic)
  • Adjustable Light Level Control: Yes
  • Conforms to Directives: 73/23/EEC, 89/336/EEC
  • Overall Dimensions (mm)
    Height 73, Width 87, Depth 121


MTLW3000 Instructions 473kb pdf
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