LH Under Laminate Heating Element 1.5m x 400mm - .06kW - Discontinued

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LH Under Laminate Heating Element 1.5m x 400mm - .06kW5060002015834LH4-015

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Heating Elements - 10 year warranty subject to installation and registration

Controls carry a 1 year manufacturers warranty’
LH Under Laminate Heating Element 1.5m x 400mm - .06kW
Ultra-thin LH heating elements can be installed directly under laminate floors
without the need for screed or adhesive.

They can also be used with timber floors with a maximum thickness of 15mm*.

A layer of Depron insulation placed below the LH
element will provide the necessary thermal insulation and sound deadening.

In poorly insulated properties supplementary heating may be required.

*We recommend you consult your timber floor supplier to check compatibility with
underfloor heating.
  • Features
    Two different widths are available with standard lengths up to 10m (elements can be reduced in length on site if necessary)
  • 4m ‘live’ and ‘neutral’ cables are fitted
  • A number of elements are used to fill the floor area and are connected in parallel.
  • Use with U16C programmable thermostat with both room and floor sensor (must be ordered separately)
  • Selection
    Draw a plan of the floor identifying areas occupied by fixed furniture such as kitchen cabinets (heating elements should not be installed in these areas).
  • Draw the heating elements side by side on to the plan leaving a minimum gap of 50mm between the wall and the edge of the heating element.
  • Whenever possible, keep the element ends fitted with the live and neutral cables along one wall.
  • This should be the same wall on which the thermostat is mounted.
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