14 Mtr Pack of Self Regulating Pipe Heat Tape c/w 13amp Plug5060002016282PW-14

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230 volt

List Number

168 Watts

Heated Length
14 Mts
14 Mtr Pack of Self Regulating Pipe Heat Tape
c/w 13amp Plug
Prevents water from freezing in metal and plastic pipes

The PW’s built-in thermostat means that no additional control device is required.

The PW Frost Protection Heat Tape is designed for use
for the positive protection of hot and cold water pipes that may be subject to freezing conditions.

This can be used in flats, houses, mobile homes, farms, sports pavilions,
both for water supply and fire protection sprinkler systems.

The simple self contained nature of the PW lends itself to use for the
protection of single pipes such as in domestic lofts or gardens, for use with condensing boilers and widely used on mobile homes.

It is also ideal where many identical pipes require to be protected ie. In blocks of flats or sprinkler networks.
  • Pre-terminated with 1.5m cold lead and UK 3 pin plug
  • Built-in thermostat automatically energises the cable when pipe temperature falls below 3°C
  • Profiled thermostat base ensures excellent heat transfer from pipe
  • Fully moisture proof.
  • No special tools or skills required.
  • Fully moisture proof.
  • Pre-terminated with 1.5m cold lead and UK 3-pin plug
  • Economical to operate.
  • PW has profiled thermostat to fit snuggly to curvature of pipe rather than a flat based thermostat
  • PW can be installed in a gentle evenly spaced helix or in a straight line
  • Assuming a minimum ambient temperature of -15°C and 20mm thick insulation a PW heating cable can be installed in a straight line along pipes up to 50mm diameter
  • Always select the shortest suitable cable from the PW range
  • Where the cable is longer than the pipe it is protecting wind the cable in a gentle, evenly spaced helix
  • Secure the cable to the pipe at 300mm intervals using Insulation tape
  • The entire installation including the thermostat should be covered with a maximum of 20mm thick flame retardant insulation
  • Ensure that the thermostat is positioned at the coldest end of the pipe
  • Plastic pipes should be wrapped in AL50 aluminium tape before installing the cable
  • When used with pipes that may be empty, the cable should be covered in a layer of TLAL50 aluminium tape before the installation is applied.
    A typical example would be when used with a condensing boiler
  • PW cables must not be exposed to temperatures in excess of 66°C
  • PFL warning labels should be applied to the outside of the insulation.


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14 Mtr Pack of Self Regulating Pipe Heat Tape c/w 13amp Plug