Infrared Lamp IP55 Gold 1.5kW - BN HN Quartz Halogen Heater5060002016367RL15GF

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Infrared Lamp IP55
1.5kW - HN Quartz Halogen Heater
Suitable for heaters:
BNHN1500G, BNHN3000G BNHN4500G
  • Output: 1500W
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Burning position: Horizontal
  • Overall length: 353mm+/-2mm
  • Finish: Gold Coating
  • Cap: Sk15
  • Lead length: 230mm+/-5mm
  • Lead type: Double insulated
  • Terminals: M4 fork
  • Typical Installations Include
    Loading bays.
    Sports Halls,
    Gymnasiums, squash courts etc.
    Churches and community halls.
    Intermittently used work stations.
    Animal pens at farms or zoos.
    Spectator heating at sports grounds and open-air venues.
  • Benefits
    Instant response.
    Directional, thus only heats area required.
    Ideal for use with a PIR (passive infra red) detector for maximum economy
    Easy low cost installation
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Infrared Lamp IP55 Gold 1.5kW - BN HN Quartz Halogen Heater